Now Filming

Student of the Game

I play Rich, a retired serial killer living the typical suburban life–that is until a budding serial killer wannabe named Kayla, a fan of his former exploits, tracks him down and tries to get him to teach her how to be a better killer. #comedy #horror #short

World War World

I play Niko, one of the baddest of the bad in this full-length feature based in a post-apocalyptic world. #sci-fi

Coming Soon

Dominic Bane

**Update! (4/20): The teaser trailer is here!:

(3/31): Dominic Bane is set to start production on the official feature length movie around June – August of 2023!

I play the part of Cyrus Winters in the independent feature.

IMDb here:

In Post Production

The Life of a Zoe

**Update(5/22)!: Life of a Zoe will be screening July 9th 7pm at the Miramar Civic Center – 2400 Civic Center Pl. Miramar, FL 33025


The feature film that I played a Russian henchman in just released it’s trailer and it can now be watched here!:

Commercial lead

Played a lead in a spec commercial for Saudi Airlines.

Faisal comes to New York for a meeting which is canceled – he decides to tour New York and enjoy his day.

The Cleaners

I played a supporting role in the latest 21st Century Vision Film directed by Kevin McNamara.


The Cornermate

**UPDATE!: Completed production on The Cornermate Wednesday, April 12th.

I play Jason. Jason runs his own MMA league. His venture is struggling financially. The conflict starts when Jason finds out that Charlie, the president of the federation is conspiring to shut down Jason’s league to fulfill his ego and corporate greed. Jason’s champion fighter and best friend ‘Cub’ decides to fight ‘Robbie’, a much younger fighter in a crucial fight; to save Jason’s dream from getting destroyed.

Miss the Rage

I play Terry, the owner of a classic New York rock n roll club. He employs Jamie Wiesel “The Weasel” as his right-hand man. He saw something in Silas (our protagonist) and hired him on the cheap. Now Silas is causing a headache.

Directed by Michael Adeleke

NYFA films

In addition to The Cornermate, in which I played the lead, I acted in 3 other New York Film Academy films this month, playing supporting roles in Carbon Dating, The Broken Bones Samurai and All In.


I played the coach in my first baseball movie!

No One Will Know

A film exploring the three different perspectives involved in a murder, cheating, and money scandal.

I play Toby, one of the leads in this psychological thriller. #nyu


**UPDATE!: Completed my portion of the film Tuesday, March 28th.

I will be playing the announcer judge.

They have a gofundme set up if you would like to help support!

Official Website:


When a son fails at hunting, he takes it upon himself to prove he can meet his father’s expectations. But at what cost?

I play the father in the Syracuse University seniors’ thesis film.

Coming Soon

Donut Kid follow-up

*Update(3/6)!: Eclipse Alliance is the next Bok Cinematic Universe set to star Goldor and is set to start production in January 2024!

Also: Donut Kid will be the first Bok Universe solo film to have a follow-up with Donut Kid 2! Which is currently set to start production in 2024 after Elipse Alliance.

In Post Production (continued)

The Karate Weirdo

**Update!: The Karate Weirdo 2 has been greenlit and is currently in pre-production

I play the part of Mr Ramirez in the independent feature.


I played the Whingeing Whisper in this fantastical experimental film.

Oh What A DAY!

Oh What A DAY is now on YouTube!

Linked here!:

Donut Kid released on Tubi!

Donut Kid was previously released on Amazon Prime, but now can be seen on Tubi too!

Donut Kid on Amazon Prime:

Fight City screening!

**Fight City won the best TV Series at the 2022 Chelsea Film Festival!

Fight City was screened as part of the Chelsea Film Festival at Regal Union Square 1:30PM Saturday, October 15th.

I play one of the managers in Fight City, a supporting role.

Fight City website here:

Trailer here:

Tales of the Heart

I was part of the ensemble cast filming “Thanksgiving Fiasco”, a scene directed by Larry Rosen that is intended to be part of his full-length feature, “Tales of the Heart.”

Manhattan Reunion

I played the lead male role in the short romantic comedy.

Waveland Requiem

Update!: April 22 – 25: Completed principal photography on Waveland Requiem, filming throughout the Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas.

Three old friends gather to support another at his time of loss. Then out of nowhere, loss comes to them all.

Official Website:

Filmed the NYC portion of the film Wednesday, March 16.

I’m part of a cast of 4 to star in the Fairhaven, Massachusetts-based drama tentatively schedule to complete principal photography in late April.

Siblings Uncle Friends Lovers

Update!: Season 1 of Siblings Uncle Friends Lovers is now online and can be viewed by going to:

Finished production on season 1 of Siblings Uncle Friends Lovers on Saturday, March 19th.

Filmed scenes February 26 and March 12, 2022, but are tentatively scheduled to finish the remainder of the scenes for the first season very soon in the next couple weeks.

I started playing recurring character Matthew on the Demedrius Charles directed web series

Support the show and stay updated by following the show’s newly created official Instagram account!:

Donut Kid

Donut Kid had a screening Sunday, November 21st at the Bombay Theater to rave reviews! Now if you want to see it, the latest is that it will be out to the world in 7 months!

I play Goldor, one of the main characters in the Bok Universe’s latest production, a full-length feature film.

You can watch Alex’s previous film here!:

Me and Alex previously worked together on Eclipse: the web series- which you can check out a clip of here:

You can subscribe to his official Bok Universe YouTube account here:

Bronx Unit: Undercover Files now on YouTube

The entire 1st season of Bronx Unit: Undercover Files is now on YouTube and can be viewed for free by going HERE!

Music Video

I played an undercover cop making a surprise arrest in the latest music video for the band Hold Fast Hope.

Follow them on Instagram here!:

Shieldon Phone Cases promo

I worked with Andrew Chalence again (Andrew worked camera on Eclipse) working on a promo for Shieldon Phone cases.

The Undelivered Message

I played one of the leads in this short dramatic film directed by Neel Bakshi.

Latest: completed principal photography Sunday, June 13th

Life of a Zoe

I played a role in the Wan Lee directed feature on the last day of production.

His website here:


I play one of the main characters in this dramatic short dealing with prejudice and violence in contemporary New York during the pandemic.

Directed by Dmitry Torgovitsky.

His website here:

Latest: completed reshoots Monday, May 31st

Agent Zero

I played a role in the Jonas Correia directed short that ifinished principal photography Saturday, July 3rd.


I worked with Director Ryan Tian ( playing one of the leads in the mini web series.

Bronx Unit: Undercover Files is now on Amazon!

Link here:

I play the Deputy Director