April through July

Currently in pre-production on The Cameraman (filmed one day, but in pre-production for the rest of the filming), Thanks Giving and No Funeral.

In Post Production


Played a husband fighting with his wife right before their eventual divorce.


Played “The Boss” in my first ever Montclair State University student film.

NYFA shoots

Worked on 3 distinct New York Film Academy shorts this year. A cop exploring murder that accidentally gets killed by an online date, a dad trolling his daughters bf during Easter Dinner and a famous actor whose son is fighting to live up to their family name


I play Stanton, protagonist of this short college film. A cold-hearted, ruthless, and broken man working for a mysterious criminal group, serving as the main interrogator for them.

Directed by Max Bieber, Brooklyn College

Hiding Behind The Mask

I play a security guard in this one- a stern security guard of the mental hospital Tess is staying at. 

A psychological horror student film where a girl struggles to grasp reality after a traumatic event.

Directed by Monett Ibrahimmtchaev, Fairleigh Dickinson University

World War World

Filming Sunday, November 26 for the first time in over 8 months! Set to finish filming what will be the very last minutes needed to complete the feature film sci-fi post-apocalyptic world drama

Lizzy’s Plan

Play Lizzy’s dad in this Brooklyn College thesis film

13 Hours

Played one of the leads; 2 hitmen waiting in the hotel room of the victim they were sent to take out, in this short comedy.

USC thesis film

I had a supporting role in the USC thesis film drama “Brooklyn” set in that borough.

Car drama

Play the lead in “Escape,” a dramatic short about a man who takes to hitchhiking after a dramatic experience makes him question which route his life is taking.

Playing a chef

Play my first chef role in my first Stony Brook film, “Lost Delicacy,” a personal story about family

Modeling 🪞💆

 I was able to work as a model for BeriWorks Productions, Nan Xiang Catering and TopView Sightseeing

Hide & Seek

Play a father in an NYU silent film whose kids catch him having an affair with another woman.

Mint Mobile spec

A mint mobile spec commercial where I played someone cosplaying as an alien with a light comedic tone

Columbia thesis film

Have a small role in “To Fade Away” playing an engineer in the thriller set in the 1930s

“The Ultimate Gift: Robosen Robots”

Play a dad in some short promos shot for the brand.

Site here:

36th NYU Sight & Sound production

Played a film nerd in an SNL style sketch playing someone arrested for liking the new Barbie movie 😆


Played a businessman using the new technology to have private business meetings.

Green screen features

Worked on 2 feature films, both where I had scenes working with the leads in front of green screens!

First, in 3_2 Pulldown, I played a producer. Then, I worked with director Scoop Jackson for my 2nd time playing a butcher doing some comedy with the lead of his film.

Bellari NJ

Was a part of a Bellari Showoom promo.

Their website:

Coming Soon

Bok Universe latest

Eclipse Alliance is the next Bok Cinematic Universe set to star Goldor and is set to start production in June 2024!

Donut Kid will be the first Bok Universe solo film to have a follow-up with Donut Kid 2! Which is currently set to start production in September 2024 after Eclipse Alliance.

In Post Production (continued..)

Twins GoFundMe

Twins, the NYFA short I played  a husband struggling with a separation from his hottie rich elegant wife now has a GoFundMe page!

If you can support, please definitely don’t hesitate to do so. Linked here!: Twins’ GoFundMe


(9/16): Finished filming my part to the series Warrenton. Filming finished the following day wrapping principal photography on Sunday, September 17th.

Reprising my role of Goldor from the Donut Kid series from the Bok Universe in this spinoff series. #sci-fi #fantasy #adventure

Dominic Bane

UPDATE (8/3): Finished production on Dominic Bane!

4/20: The teaser trailer is here!:

(3/31): Dominic Bane is set to start production on the official feature length movie around June – August of 2023!


Student of the Game

UPDATE (7/8): After 3 months, completed production on Student of the Game on Saturday, July 8th!

I play Rich, a retired serial killer living the typical suburban life. That is- until a budding serial killer wannabe named Kayla, a fan of his former exploits, tracks him down and tries to get him to teach her how to be a better killer. #darkcomedy #short

Groom in a Music Video

I play the lead in Good Things’ latest music video for “It’s Like Losing Everything”

Watch here!:

Directed by Ian Bridgman

First project with 21st Stream

Played a cop in the latest 21st Century Vision Film!

Directed by Kevin McNamara

Their streaming website:

NYFA shorts

I acted in several NYFA shorts:

The Cornermate, Twins, Carbon Dating, The Broken Bones Samurai, All In, Miss the Rage, a Saudia Arabian airlines commercial titled “Meeting Cancelled” and Art of Timing

UPDATE!: Completed production on The Cornermate Wednesday, April 12th.

I play Jason. Jason runs his own MMA league. His venture is struggling financially. The conflict starts when Jason finds out that Charlie, the president of the federation is conspiring to shut down Jason’s league to fulfill his ego and corporate greed. Jason’s champion fighter and best friend ‘Cub’ decides to fight ‘Robbie’, a much younger fighter in a crucial fight; to save Jason’s dream from getting destroyed.

Played various roles in lead and supporting roles in all the others.


Played the coach in my first speaking part in a baseball movie! A Suny Purchase short.

No One Will Know

A film exploring the three different perspectives involved in a murder, cheating, and money scandal.

I play Toby, one of the leads in this psychological thriller. #nyu

Syracuse thesis film lead

When a son fails at hunting, he takes it upon himself to prove he can meet his father’s expectations. But at what cost?

In “Missed,” I play the lead and father.