Currently Working On..

Donut Kid

John enters the Bok Universe! playing a role in Alexander Bok’s latest feature film.

You can watch Alex’s previous film here!:

John and Alex previously worked together on Eclipse: the web series- which you can check a clip out of here:

Premium Service

John is set to have a role in Derek Zuzunaga’s next big production, this go-around- a full-length feature! John previously worked with Derek on his short film “Oh What A Day…”

Trailer here:

Little Boy in the Red Room

George Carrillo’s latest web series.

YouTube page here:

John previously worked with George on his web series “Mice in the Maze.”

Link here:

In Post Production

The Undelivered Message

John plays one of the leads in this short dramatic film directed by Neel Bakshi.

Latest: completed principal photography Sunday, June 13th

Life of a Zoe

John played a role in the Wan Lee directed feature on the last day of production.

His website here:


John plays one of the main characters in this dramatic short dealing with prejudice and violence in contemporary New York during the pandemic.

Directed by Dmitry Torgovitsky.

His website here:

Latest: completed reshoots Monday, May 31st

Agent Zero

John played a role in the Jonas Correia directed short that finished principal photography to end May.

Fight City

Trailer here:

Finished filming season 1 on May 17, 2021.


John worked with Director Ryan Tian ( playing one of the leads for the mini web series.

Wild Card

John reunited with Aj Cross for the first time in 14 years playing a Russian secret agent in his short film.

John previously worked with AJ in 2007 portraying Aslaksen in a filmed version of “An Enemy of the People” (Do Not Watch It! 😆).

IMDb page linked here:

Bronx Unit: Undercover Files is now on Amazon!

Link here:

John plays the Deputy Director

The Source just uploaded Stakes’ trailer to their vimeo!

Link here:

John’s role: “The White Man”